16 Nov 2014
13th November, 18:15

¡Vivan Las Antipodas!

Director: Victor Kossakovsky
Producer: Heino Deckert
Country: Germany
Colour: Colour
Other Countries: Argentina, Netherlands, Chile

‘Antipodes’ are places on the earth’s surface which are diametrically opposed; drill through the centre of the earth from Entre Rios in Argentina, and you’ll hit Shanghai. The masterful Russian documentarian and film essayist visits four such antipodal pairs, and compares and contrasts the landscapes and lives found there. These contrived pairings throw up some extraordinarily rich and cinematic images—vast landscapes contrasted with demonically energetic cityscapes, or people living in a wasteland contrasted with those living near a seeping, creaking lava flow. The result is a moving, playful ravishing piece of mood cinema which is yet always—as the title suggests—highly celebratory.

“Vivan Las Antipodas is more a dream than it is a film. Made up of shifting images and a smattering of languages, filmmaker Victor Kossakovsky’s documentary celebrates rich, human connections in worlds that are literally diametrically opposed.” Dorothy Burk Vasquez, popmatters.com

“In breathtaking images and a stunning montage we go on a trip to the world’s rare inhabited land-to-land antipodes. We discover the wonders and contradictions of nature and people around the globe. With unprecedented camera movements and exhilarating new perspectives our conventional view of the world is challenged.” -Venice IFF, labiennale.org 

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