13th November, 18:00

Rich Pickings: 99% – Protest, Fairness And Global Solidarity In A Changing World

180 Minutes
Director: Audrey Ewell, Aaron Aites, Lucian Read, Nina Krstic
Producer: Audrey Ewell, Aaron Aites, Williams Cole
Country: United States
Colour: Colour

This event explores the global and local Occupy movement, its impact and its ongoing legacy. 99% is a feature film created collaboratively by 99 filmmakers, painting a compelling portrait of the Occupy Wall Street movement from personal stories to analysis of the big picture issues. The documentary’s producers and activists will be in attendance to discuss the film and its themes, including questions around activist organisational structures, hierarchies vs horizontalism and violent vs nonviolent protest.  Prior to the feature film will be a programme of relevant short form work including clips of footage from Irelands’ Occupy movement. This programme examines the structures and global ethics which effect all our lives, and the actions which are being taken to challenge these.

99% – The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film

United States | 2013 | 97 Minutes | Directors: Audrey Ewell, Aaron Aites, Lucian Read, Nina Krstic

In September 2011, The Occupy Wall Street movement propelled issues of economic inequality into the spotlight. 99% – The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film goes behind the scenes of the movement, definitively revealing what happened, and why. Personal stories imbue analysis of big picture issues with the real-world struggles of those compelled to take action, speak up, march, and risk arrest and brutality at the hands of oppressive police forces around the country. Supporters, participants, experts and critics shed light on why and how this movement took off with such explosive force, and ask what the next phase might encompass.


Screening followed by Q&A and discussion


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