17th November, 18:15

Consuming Spirits

Concessions € 5.00
Director: Chris Sullivan
Producer: Chris Sullivan
Country: United States
Languages: English
Colour: Colour

Dark family secrets abound in this rural Gothic fantasia. A 14-year-labour-of-love, Consuming Spirits features a variety of animation styles, all shot frame-by-frame on 16mm, ranging from evocative charcoal sketch work, collage and paper cut-outs and 3D models, in order to peel back the layers of the sad and lonely lives of horticulturalist Earl Gray; newspaper typesetter, museum guide and bus driver Gentian Violet; and her gentleman friend and fellow newspaper employee Victor Blue.

A gnarled folk history emerges, linking fostered children, a hit-and-run victim nun, a demented mother and a mysterious stranger who wanders the woods wearing deer pelt.




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