16 Nov 2014
10th November, 18:15

Becoming Traviata

Director: Philippe Beziat
Producer: Producer Philippe Martin
Country: France
Colour: Colour

Happy 200th, Giuseppe Verdi.

In the rehearsal room at the 2011 Aix-en-Provence Festival, the ever-dynamic French soprano Natalie Dessay is being put through her paces by Jean-Francois Sivadier, preparing for a production of La Traviata. The film hones in on the recurring motive of Alfredo and Violetta’s reluctant and potent realisation of the inevitability and impossibility of their love and this—one of the most powerfully dramatic of Verdi’s scenes—being drilled down into over feature movie length makes this an especially potent opera experience.

Director PHILIPPE BEZIAT will be present for a Q&A with Festival Creative Director James Mullighan

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